More Amazing Performances Yet To Come

The Paraders have returned from their march but the fun is not over yet. Be sure to check out even more amazing performances on the Main Stage this afternoon.

We’re also selling official Tokyo Rainbow Pride goods at our official TRP Goods Booth! Find us next to the ToBe plackard.

Welcome to Tokyo Rainbow Pride

The Festa is well underway and we are having a ball at the Tokyo Rainbow Pride today! Have you made your way down to Yoyogi Park yet?

We are accepting last calls for anyone wishing to march in the parade. The parade registration booth is next to the Zelkova Boulevard, just left of the welcome sign pictured above.

We hope you have a great day, and don’t hesitate to ask any of our volunteers if you have any questions!

Performance Schedule for the Main Stage Announced

Are you excited for Pride tomorrow? Of course the parade is the main event, but don’t forget to check out the Main Stage as we have an awesome lineup of performers ready to entertain you.

Check out the performance schedule to ensure you make the most of the day.

*please note that it is possible that delays in the schedule could occur due to unforeseen circumstances

TRP Official After Party

Join us for the Tokyo Rainbow Pride After Party!

Enjoy mingling with other LGBT at a buffet-style dinner accompanied by exciting stage performances starting at 19:00.
And for any late night party-goers, dance time starts at 24:00 with DJ Nakamura Nao!

Starting at 19:00, Sun. April 27th

Christon Cafe Tokyo
Oriental Wave 8F, Shinjuku 5-17-13,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

View in a Google Maps

¥4000 entrance fee (¥3500 after 24:00)

Japanese speakers can check out the official twitter (@after_TRP14) for all after party news.

Here Comes the Float Lineup!

Anyone wishing to walk in the parade will be required to register at the front desk and pick a float to walk with. There are limited spaces available, so we encourage you to come early to ensure you get a spot. Here’s the list of floats in marching order:

[01]Rainbow Pride Brass Band

This is the Brass Band that normally performs on the Main Stage. This year, they will step down from the stage to march with us in the parade! Musicians and non-musicians alike are welcome to march along-side the band!

[02]Rainbow Hospital

A float dedicated to LGBT people working in health care, welfare and nursing as well as allies who support LGBT health. We also encourage the participation of anyone wishing to learn more about LGBT health issues.

[03]Living Together

A float for people living with HIV,
and even those who aren’t:
We’re already living together.

[04]All Human Mix

The diversity float for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, straight, and all kinds of people. We are all friends! GoGo Dancers representing diverse sexualities will dance to music mixed by DJ MASAO.


Let’s walk together through these streets. Those walking along side this float march against any kind of discrimination. We promote the idea of solidarity and respect in pursuit of a fair society that acknowledges diverse ways of life.

[06]TGN-Tokyo Gay Night

After gaining recognition after holding a Koda Kumi night at Zepp Diver City where Koda Kumi herself showed up as a secret guest, TGN will be kicking off it’s nation-wide tour at Zepp Fukuoka on May 5th, 2014.


Japan’s premiere FTM club event GRAMMY TOKYO that brings T-guys and entertainment together. This is a float that embraces diversity and all people who wish to be themselves. A DJ and GoGo Dancers will make this float a fun place to be. We welcome every sort of LGBTQI and allies of any kind!

[08]Nijigumi Fights

Nijigumi Fights is a club for gays who like to pretend to be idols. We have over 40 members from as far north as Hokkaido and as far south as Kyushu. Recording sessions and one-off live shows are our primary club activities.


GLAMOROUS TOKYO brings smiles and lovely energy to you. We are a gay mix power party bringing fun and excitement to Tokyo, Taiwan and other parts of Asia.

[10]Spindle+”ALL WE NEED IS LOVE”

「Spindle+」is Japan’s first iPhone app for Lgirls. It’s a communication tool for girls looking for same-sex relationships and friends.

[11]Flags of Pride “My Rainbow Flag”

A variety of rainbow flags bearing personalized symbols. The word rainbow flag means different things for different people, so wouldn’t you like to show of yours? We invite paraders to bring big flags, small flags, and even non-flags to show of their personal concepts of “my rainbow flag”. Music mixed by Dj Tsukawa.

[12]AMARANTH (The Carnival Wagon) x Sora Gumi

A sight more gorgeous than ever before! This is guaranteed to be one flashy float! Glimmering drag queens will lead the way in a march of sequiny splendor!


EROS is a women only party that takes place on the first Saturday of each month. The theme for Eros’ float this year is “Allies of hardworking women!”. []

[14]Embrace Your Ugly ~Enjoy the BUSU~

Is “Busu” (ugly) a positive word? Busu is a unique trait. It can even be cute. We are all connected by the word Busu. We’re just here to have fun and are ready to give you a taste of our Busu! BUSU, be ambitious 🙂

[15]SLAUGHTERHOUSE 10 (Department H)

A party for people who don’t like dancing or alcohol that takes place at the Tokyo Cinema Club on the first Saturday of every month. We welcome anyone who is Kitsch, Campy, Hip or Punk, and especially anyone with a shocking costume.

A Big Welcome to Our Charity Supporters!

Our charity supporters are here again this year to bring lots of cheer to the event!

Now that we’ve assembled to the entire list, we’d like to introduce our gorgeous charity supporters to you. Be sure to wish them a “Happy Pride!” if you see them at the event! Who knows, they might even let you shake their hand or take your picture with them.

And here they are:


Ankoku Usagi


Inga Persephone

Uzushio Tsubako




Kamyu Yuuji






Gozaru & Chobizo

Gomu Inu








Chiharu Dee





Babie no Bitch




Michael Diana

Madam Piroganese











TRP 2014 Theme Decided

The Tokyo Rainbow Pride Counsel has decided on the following theme for this year’s Parade:

Many Lives ♪ Many Loves ♥

No two people are alike and no two people express love in the same way.

This year’s theme derives from the late Shimakura Chiyoko’s famous song “jinsei iro iro”. Prior to her death, Shimakura had even sung the song at gay events. We would like to dedicate this year’s theme to Shimakura, who warmed us with her smiles and inspired us with her songs despite all the troubles she faced throughout her life.

Calling Brass Band Musicians

TRP Brass Band

Hello brass band aficionados! Wouldn’t you like the chance to play in Yoyogi Park’s Outdoor Stage with the Rainbow Pride brass band?
In previous years we have assembled over 100 musicians and are now are accepting applications for this year’s performance. But this year for the first time ever we are also looking to assemble a marching band to join the parade!

We hope that by giving an opportunity for LGBT musicians and other sexual minorities to play at Pride will help raise spirits and make for a bright and cheerful atmosphere at the event venue. For that reason we are not too caught up on perfectionism, and encourage even those with little confidence in their skills to apply.

At this time, at least basic conversational ability in Japanese will be required to participate.
More details are available on the Japanese page linked below:

About how to apply

Now Recruiting Float Designers!

Heads-up to all potential float designers!

If you’ve ever dreamed about bringing a masterpiece of your own to the Tokyo Rainbow Pride, now is your chance! We are recruiting volunteers to help design the floats that grace our Parade! Check out details here on the Float Info page!

To check out other kinds of volunteers, you can find several different positions available on our Volunteer Recruitment page.

We will have volunteer briefings available to ensure all our volunteers are up to speed on the event.

TRP’s Mascot Wins 5th Place

 Tokyo Rainbow Pride’s very own mascot character, Tobe the flying squirrel, was entered into the 2013 Yurukyara Grand Prix awards. The results came out on November 11th at their official website (

 Tobe was entered not in the regional character category, but in the brand new “Corporate and Other Mascots” category. Gaining 22,466 points, Tobe was won 5th place among 335 entries of the same category. Even in the overall ranking of all 1,580 entries, Tobe was ranked at 117th place!

 By the way, the character in first place for the “Corporate and Other Mascots” category is Nihon Co-Op Kyosai Seikatsu Kyodo Kumiai Rennaikai’s “Cosuke” (Ranked 41th overall). The overall first prize goes to Sano-shi, Ibaraki-ken’s “Sanomaru”.

 Thanks to everyone who supported us by voting!